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Leave The Capital
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Leave The Capital Matchsticks Single

There is a big buzz going around this band that has already been compared with the likes of Elbow and Doves. Yet they are only just about to release their debut Single! A band to get such high compliments is at times on a very sticky wicket. This band is known as Leave At The Capital and come from Cardiff.

The lead singer, Ben James, offers a chilling vocal display & Matchsticks will have the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end.

Leave The Capital give it a bit more than Elbow, in my opinion they seem to have that different edge, the same edge that The Editors hold. Their was certainly a market for bands like this last year the question is have the tides turned or are the public out there waiting for the come back of this dark Indie style? Only the release will tell, but Leave The Capital give the impression that they have what it takes to break into the charts.

Mark Moore

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