Review of Isabelle Single by Koufax

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Koufax Isabelle Single

As Koufax currently tour their expansive American backyard they've reserved some of their sweet scent for a British release of 'Isabelle'. We've heard little of this four-piece but their quirky indie-pop, driven consistently by Suchan's vocals offers a solely American sound that we may have forgotten of late.

A blend between the tense melodies of Phantom Planet and Hot Hot Heat's crankiness, Koufax, upon some further research can offer better than 'Isabelle'. If you blur your ears slightly (yes that's right), you're listening to Keane's 'Hopes and Fears'. The slowed down acoustic version without the pianos serves their spontaneous rhythm and in particular that charming vocal eccentricity with greater spark and swagger. Certainly, set against the thick smog of Northern and urban disillusionment around at the moment, the irrelevancy of all that to Koufax is quite welcoming.

Jamie Curtis

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