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Kobai Serotonin Single

Scottish six piece Kobai are yet another example of the power of the growing phenomena that is MySpace. Relatively unheard of six months ago, they've gradually built up a following using the "Add Me" button on the aforementioned whorefest site and things have spiralled in an upwardly mobile fashion ever since.

Not that they wouldn't have gained some attention without doing that anyway, as 'Serotonin' harks back to the days when it was OK to wear a multi-coloured Joe Bloggs kaftan, wear your hair in a curtains-style comb over and mix everything with beats.

Imagine Primal Scream before the ketamine started to take effect, or a less janglesome Sandkings and you're probably in the right ballpark.

Along with fellow dance/rock crossover specialists Viva Stereo, Kobai are sending a message back south of the border that it's OK to dance down the indie disco again after all. Impressive.


Dom Gourlay

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