Kiwis Ned

Kiwis Ned

Stomp around ye old city of York and you're bound to come across some of the most fascinating characters you'll ever meet in your life, and none so as absorbing as the five chaps that comprise Kiwis Ned, a band that's taken themselves out of the masses for the sake of individuality. Currently storming the underground scene, they're as talented as they are explosively amusing and witty with something that we haven't seen in quite a while, originally. Ballsy, aggressive, intelligent and spark-soaring originality.

Their name comes from a question that was shouted across a supermarket one Yorkshire day that simply stated, "Kiwis, Ned?" showing one of only a collection of eccentricities that expel The Ned from any classification or pigeonholing. Legend has it that a young Ned once received a phone call from a respected record label and assuming it as a joke, swiftly hung up on the embarrassed exec, leaving the Ned to this day an unsigned goldmine of innovation. Their style is retro yet their sound is colossal with overblown and drawn-out rock 'n' roll moments of grandeur such as ABSF, pressed against low key grungy adrenaline fuelled instants of wicked lyrical uniqueness along the lines of Filtrum.

When these guys aren't drinking they're singing, and on the rare occasion be sure to check 'em out, lest you live in a routine world of 'heard-it-before' artists and 'these-remind-me-of' bands.

By Alex Lee Thomson

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