Keyboard Choir
Mizen Head To Gascanane Sound
Album Review
Brainlove Records

A patchwork quilt of fabricated audio, quirky vocal samples and intricate keys, you can ebb along on the waves of these twelve songs. Pushing the envelope of the samey indietronica that seems to have saturated the airwaves, Keyboard Choir dirty things up sufficiently and come across as experts at their trade, rather than a bunch of guitar-deserters trying their hand in a new field.

Melodies oscillate relentlessly as blankets of white noise stack up around them, drums shift and stutter, flipped, reversed and generally buggered about with, clinging to the remnants of a beat and reduced to the bare bones of a tune, like smog flickering around a graveyard.

Keyboard Choir have all the makings of being your euphoric end of night dance companions on warm summer evenings, shuffling about on damp grass, beer in hand, as the sun goes down.

Hayley Avron

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