Review of What Goes Around Single by Justine Timberlake

Justine Timberlake
What Goes Around
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Justine Timberlake What Goes Around Single

Mr Timberlake returns with a track that really doesn't get me jumping up and down its okay but that is just it, it is okay. "What Goes Around" is dry and uninspiring and sounds like a track that didn't make the last album because it wasn't good enough, in fact it sounds like a poor mans version of "Cry Me River". I really have not got into this second set. Besides the odd highlight namely the amazing classy "Until The End Of Time" and the club anthem "My Love" both of which wouldn't have sounded out of place on the first album the rest of the cuts on the latest album no way live up to the breath taking debut set from JT. I'm sorry but this how it is in my eyes. This album can out sell the old album 10 to 1 but no it will never live up to that stunning debut album.

Real Urban Appeal 2/5 Hit Appeal 4/5

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