Review of Fool Album by Jameszoo

Dutch producer Mitchel Van Dinther, aka Jameszoo, has spent the last couple of years honing his craft in creating wonky, loose, electronic music, through various EPs, but now he finally has a full length debut in the shape of 'Fool'. 'Fool' is out via Flying Lotus' Brainfeeder record label and if something has the seal of approval of an electronic kingpin like Flying Lotus, then you know it's worth your attention, but 'Fool' turns out to be a lot more than something just worth checking out.

Jameszoo Fool Album

'Flake' kicks things off with shiny and bubbly synths that keep fluttering, immediately injecting some sweetness into this record, but almost just as quickly transforms into this sunny, dainty, track that feels like the music to a cute Disney song, just waiting for lyrics to go over it, whilst imagery of fuzzy animated animals skipping along springs to mind.

'Lose' also has something of a cartoonish feel to it, the way these stinging notes are played in an over-the-top fashion, like a kid overreacting to something. They're high as well as sharp and are hit sporadically, making for this dizzying vibe, which is full of energy, despite nothing being particularly fast or lively.

'Soup' has jazz feel to it, despite being largely an electronic song. The synths are just played in such a dashing manner that you get in jazz and there's oddly paced drumming and horns, which wouldn't sound out of place on a Dave Brubeck record. 'Flu' also has something of a jazz influence opening with a passive drum roll akin to the drums heard on the previous track, but then takes more of a funk direction with groove driven, fat synth playing, which would make Stevie Wonder salivate. This track takes a bit of a left turn for the bridge going submissive with the synth disappearing for the subdued drum roll to return, but when the fun returns it's truly a kick-as* moment and solidifies this song as a highly joyful one.

This record has such a carefree and playful nature to it, both in the way that Jameszoo just has so much fun with the instrumentation and how colourful everything ends up sounding. However, as well as this record just being a blast to listen to in terms of how free it sounds, that freedom also achieves a high level of charm in an emotional sense, the way it's so friendly and invites you to be part of this vivid world.

'Meat' feels like an old horror soundtrack created by a drunk composer, but in the best possible way. The synth sounds like an organ and it's just so wonkily played, that you imagine a madman just hitting at it whilst maniacally laughing. It's bonkers, but then so is the nature of this whole record. 'Nail (Skit)' is warm and pleasant thanks to the initial cuddly synths and then the feel good, bright jazzy playing of the additional layers. It feels like the soundtrack to a family cosying up by a fire in their living room, this song is so welcoming.

'Fool' is a phenomenal debut album from Jameszoo. This is oddball pop music at its best, with the highest level of playfulness and liberty going into the craft, making for an adventurous listen. With the inviting aspect too, listening to this record is like being at a fun party with the friendliest and most interesting people and it's not one you're going to want to leave.

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