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Ian McCulloch - Love In Veins
Ian McCulloch: ‘Love In Veins’ Reviewed

Ian McCulloch

Love In Veins


Usually when you try and paddle two canoes you end up capsizing both. This cannotbe said of Echo & The Bunnymen front man Ian McCulloch who is sailing softerand gentler waters in his solo career. This is epitomised in ‘Love In Veins’ hissecond single of the popular solo debut album ‘Slideling’, none moreaso in the fact that the backing vocals ( very nifty and uplifting ones) areprovided by Mr. Coldplay himself: Chris Martin. What makes this track interestingis the fact that despite being an ode to love, the song starts off with a highpitched guitar riff that makes you think Ian has written a demo to put forwardas the new Match Of The Day tune.

Music - Ian McCulloch - Love In Veins - Review

The simple yet romantic lyrics in ‘Love In Veins’ are guaranteed to warm the coldest heart:

“Can you feel it, is it living?

Can you touch it? Is it loving? “

This single is certainly not one that is going to be played at the weekly “Cynics are us” meeting as the B-side ‘Prettiest Star’ embraces that romantic feeling more so than the main track. With upbeat instrumentals and nifty background handclapping the feel good factor of this song makes you wonder why it is only a b-side, as boy! the world certainly needs cheering up and this is the track to do it. A slow acoustic based track ’Arthur (Prague)’ rounds things off containing lyrics about? ….. Yeah you have guessed it: love and romance:

“Live and die with me,

what I wouldn’t give now love? What I wouldn’t give now.”

It is usually a bitter split that artists in a successful group go solo, or that they are running out of ideas. However, this is not the case with Ian, he has a new lease of life as though he has been let off the leash.

David Adair