Mange Le Funk - 'I Still Want You'

Finally! This oh-so-huge vocal house classic is about to get the commercial release it so thoroughly deserves and has finally found a damm good home at Gusto Records.

This is uplifting house at its absolute best. Take a sexy 70's disco lick with a full on Latin carnival stomp that really takes you by surprise. Add to this a haunting flute sample and velvety female vocal and there you have it. A floor-quaking dance anthem that has already found itself at the top of every chart.

Around 10,000 white labels have flown out of the shops to date. It's already massive with the likes of Pete Tong, Seb Fontaine, Allister Whitehead and Danny Rampling and it's all set to crossover and become a massive hit.

There's a harder club mix courtesy of Liquid people with a deeper tribal remix from man of the moment Robbie Rivera. 'I Still Want You' will be released on Gusto Records on 5th November 2001