Gut Records Competition
Cuban Sluts

'Bossa Nova Baby'

This record is a frenzied Latino house gem. It's already packing dance floors in clubs all over Europe and is guaranteed to be doing exactly the same thing over here in the coming weeks.

The amazing story of this record begins last year. Producers Dave De Briae and Paul Boddy are on holiday in Havana when they meet the gorgeous Teo and Zena in a local bar. The girls, pretending to be natives and putting on plastic Cuban accents, tell them they are part of an exotic Cuban dance troupe called the 'Cuban Sluts'. Laughing their heads off at what they think is a hysterical mistranslation, the boys buy them drinks before the girls suggest a wholly more boisterous salsa bar where they all dance the night away.

De Briae and Boddy then return to the UK telling anyone who'll listen about the two 'Cuban Sluts' they met on holiday- ha, ha. They write a track heavily influenced by their Cuban experience, but they can't find a vocalist who lives up to the native girls they met.

Then one night, De Briae spots Teo and Zena at a club where he's DJing in London and can't believe his eyes. He approaches them and to his horror is confronted by strong North London accents. Teo and Zena are two good times girls and the joke is definitely on the boys. Teo explains that she is finishing her graphic design degree while Zena continues her songwriting, art and interior design work.

De Briae, suitably embarrassed, eventually tells them about the track. If they're up for it, why don't they give it a go? They vocal the track at his studio the same month and by January 2001 the record is signed to Gusto Records.

This track has been described as 'Liberace on a crack binge'- how can you not be intrigued?!!

Bossa Nova Baby' will be released on 12th November on Gusto Records.

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