Gumball 3000

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Gumball 3000 Six Days in May (2004) - DVD Review

Gumball 3000 Six Days in May (2004) - DVD Review
Gumball 3000 Six Days in May (2004)

If you don’t know what the Gumball is all about, let me explain. Remember those films from the 80’s like Cannonball Run? (Burt Reynolds, Dom DeLuise and Co). These films inspired Maximillion Cooper to create what is now know as Gumball 3000 which is homage the road race films of the eighties. Rather than having the race across American from coast to coast, Gumball 3000 sees competitors speed across 3 countries and 2 continents over 6 days while stopping at a few 5 star dinking holes along the way.

The fee for the mother of all road trips is a cool 10k for one car and two people. This kind of money isn’t attainable by the man on the street, the participants range from Hollywood movies starts such as Adrien Brody, the supermodel/motor-head Jodie Kidd, modern day yuppies and ex-cons from all around the world.

So what happens when you mix the rich and famous with…well, rich a few million quid’s worth of exotic supercars, a 2CV and an Ice Cream Van? Absolute chaos on the road and when it’s time to rest our petrol heads party all night and then argue who is going to drive the next morning.

As soon as the film starts you will see some crazy bastard undertake two lanes of traffic on a non-existent hard shoulder which consists of dirt and grass. This is the theme of things to come. With all this chaos traveling at high speeds across Europe you can guarantee two things, high speed crashes and lots of police.

As the racers hurtle through France on their way to Spain in the first day many drivers loose their license and their cars, which means that 10k entry fee certainly wasn’t good value for money, not that 10k for a road race is necessarily good value to start with. From here it becomes a battle between the police of France and Spain vs. the Gumball. Whoever once the team of 197 participating cars reaches Morocco its an entirely different ball game as the King of Morocco gives permission for all Gumball drivers to speed as much as they like and endanger the lives of the locales walking by the roadside.

It’s quite astonishing that Sony Pictures have anything to do with this law breaking and life risking behavior. Yes the entry for to the Gumball state that no car should exceed the speed limit and Sony Pictures have a disclaimer stating that they do not condone this kind of behavior what so ever. Anyway, whatever Sony Pictures say, they have published this DVD for sale knowing its content and knowing it will promote the race to others who will undoubtedly enter the race in the next years to come.

When the racers return from Morocco, where numerous drivers did crash by the way, even in the city center, the police are waiting in Spain and France to catch as many drivers as possible. All the leaders of the race are stopped and taken in for questioning anyone with no cash left had no option but to take the wrath of the police while the richer simply paid off the bent coppers so they would turn a blind eye.

However you look at the Gumball 3000 is certainly does look like a riot and I’m sure that anyone who loves cars and speed would certainly love to take part, if not for the that reason, you may be intrigued how Maximillion Cooper could create such a demonic monster.

If you fancy buying the DVD it does come with a few special features, the obligatory movie and TV trailers plus interviews with Adrien Brody and Maximillion Cooper. The picture isn’t the greatest as most of the action is caught on camcorders and the sound is only in stereo. However, Gumball 3000 6 Days in May does make an amusing watch after the pub with friends.