Greys are one of the most exciting new bands in punk/noise rock. Having released debut full length 'If Anything' in June this year, the Canadian quartet proved themselves pros at making hard-hitting but indie-tinged punk rock, due to meaty rhythms, lively guitars and playful, but strong vocals. They're touring said album, and hit the Brudenell Social Club to show us if they slay just as much live.


But before that, we had some rather excellent support firstly from Super Luxury who are always a joy to watch due to their loud, yet memorable noise rock as well as their frontman's bizarre stage presence, which this time included random bursts of exercise and constantly curling up in a ball while screaming intensely. Greys later asked (referring to Super Luxury) 'Are you going to go to every show they ever play after tonight?' You're a fool if you don't make as many as you can.

Next we had Pink Rick and it's surprising to find out they're a new band as their songs sound like the work of a group who have spent years honing their craft. It was a heavy brand of post-rock that is absolutely mesmerising with tranquil light notes leading into crushing chugs, almost like a siren drawing you in before an attack. Their songs are stuck in your head, hours after they've played.

Unwave broke the momentum in terms of loudness, but were great in their own right, with a melodic brand of math-rock. Think Fall Of Troy-esque angularness used in a peaceful atmosphere, making it more of a surprise when it comes to those jumpy parts.

When Greys hit the stage (or floor to be precise), they delivered a solid 30-40 minutes of hard-hitting, loud, but accessible punk rock. Playing a good run through of 'If Anything', they opened with a double whammy of 'Guy Piciotto' and 'Use Your Delusion'. The former is catchy and got the crowd bobbing their heads with its 'There goes my hero' hook; the latter is meaner, with a harder, ragged and groove driven riff. Both were exhilarating, due to how much louder they are live and how full of energy Greys' songs are.

In terms of the band's energy, they don't really move about much, but there was still an intense presence coming from them. Each instrument was played with such strength, that it felt like an onslaught. At one point, there was a huge, lengthy wall of feedback; a spine tingling experience that had the audience melting.

There weren't a ton of people in attendance but those that were, were dancing. Which doesn't tend to happen at shows this small, and for bands this new at that. The crowd were quite shy at first, but the more the set went on, the more they loosened up and it was pleasing to see a band's music just have that sly effect on people.  

A fantastic gig, and as much as Greys killed it on their own, this night was a winner as it was one of those rare shows where every band was great and brought something different to the table. Super Luxury were wild, Pink Rick were genius, Unwave were a nice breather and Greys ended the party with a bang. All these bands deserve your attention.


Max Cussons

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