Review of Black Gloves Single by Goose

Black Gloves
Single Review

To use a journalistic cliché, this sounds like Daft Punk or Justice 'on steroids', i.e. beefed up and masculine. As well as fans of said French artistes, it might win appeal with the hoards of ravers who were whooping and hollering to Alter Ego's Rocker a couple of years back. It undoubtedly has a touch of the old 'funk phenomena' but also whiffs slightly of a big beat hangover, Skint's dubious ghost refusing to rest in peace. The reasoning behind the noise-factor within, might be that it sounds great whilst one's swede is mashed on amyl nitrate and cheap lager. For some, no doubt it will but for others, the aforementioned combination will just end in a headache

Duncan Clark

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