Review of Out Of Place Single by Gavin Thorpe

Gavin Thorpe
Out Of Place
Single Review

Gavin Thorpe Out Of Place Single

It seems that now all you is not love, it is actually an acoustic guitar. So many people now believe so much more in their own ability and start putting pen to paper and then just firing ideas off that there guitar.

Gavin Thorpe the latest to come from the ever-growing list of Singer-songwriters accompanied only with their guitar. The only thing about this is that there is only so much you can do. If this were being played in your local pub then you would turn to your mate any say "I'm not sure about David Grays new track". Everything about Out Of Place reaps David Gray, the style of the music, the vocals, who knows Gavin Thorpe probably shakes his head while playing his guitar like David Gray.

Although there are too many similarities to another artist it is only one song and a download Single like that, so unless it is anything like Gnarls Barclays massive track then not a lot of people will be hearing it. His other stuff may sound different, the only way to find out is look him up, let's face it everyone has got myspace know (even Contac Music have).

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