Review of Do What You Want, It's What You Should Do Album by Flowers

Instant and immediate appeal can sometimes lead to short-lived appreciation and qualified re-appraisal at a later date, but with the release of Flowers' debut album 'Do What You Want, It's What You Should Do' there is little likelihood of that happening. The 14 tracks are full of charm and character imbued with a freshness and vibrancy that can't help but lift your spirits and stir your emotions. In fact, opening track 'Young' has it covered from the get go; "I will never tire of this, if I do please bury me beside you".

Flowers Do What You Want, It's What You Should Do Album

The alluring 3-piece London band, formed in 2012, are following up a string of EPs with the release of this Bernard Butler produced debut. With the formative work done and the groundwork laid down, this graduation piece certainly deserves a First. Not only is 'Do What You Want...' invigorating in its celebration of youthful exuberance, but it is also a fantastic collection of pert, perky and piquant pop songs.

With a mix of jangly guitars, fuzzy edges, precisely measured percussion and lyrical dexterity, Flowers serve up a beautiful marriage of melodic music and endearing storylines centred around love and longing, and the joys of being young. If you've forgotten what it is to be in love, how it feels and how it aches, then Flowers will take no time at all to reacquaint you.

Coming in with a mix of Belle And Sebastian doing Altered Images, with just a whisper of Cocteau Twins and Felt, Flowers deliver up a very refreshing sound. From the bounce of 'Worn Out Shoes' through to the melancholy longing of 'Be With You' ('Even when it's really painful, I know it could never be fatal') and back again to the delights of former single 'Joanna', the album offers up a master class in how to do classy, succinct, unapologetic pop.

What helps set the Flowers sound apart is undoubtedly Rachel Kennedy's voice. The vocal delivery throughout is enchanting, with an angelic quality that could easily rest the 'Voice Of An Angel' merit badge from Charlotte Church. Rachel's voice is a truly magical instrument full of character and tone. The sensitive, seductive and incredibly emotive vocals are emotionally charged. Listening to tracks such as 'If I Tell You' and 'I Love You' become an almost religious experience they're that moving.

'Do What You Want To, It's What You Should Do' is a fantastic debut album from Flowers that will definitely be making mine, and many others, albums of the year list. Sam, Rachel and Jordan have hit upon a perfect formula with a sound that is delightfully crisp, colourful and engaging in a world that is all too often grey.


Andrew Lockwood

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