Review of Means Album by Fews

An American-Swedish quartet, FEWS are releasing their debut album on the Play It Again Sam label.  It is produced by Franz Ferdinand and Kylie Minogue cohort Dan Carey, with support for the record coming by way of a touring schedule that takes in multiple festival appearances over the coming months.

Fews Means Album

If 'I.D.' was a short intro track, it would set a scene of intrigue, but it actually turns out to be an instrumental number of promise.  'The Zoo' shows that this is not misplaced and is the first example of FEWS' greatest strength: they blend intricate duelling guitar melodies effortlessly.  There is a touch of Interpol in 'Drinking Games', while '100 Goosebumps' is urgent indie that is built on, yet again, some enjoyable guitar parts.  Demonstrating that they are capable of a more solemn sound, 'Keep On Telling Myself' is a reverb-filled change of pace that is quite welcome, while 'Zlatan' is quite possibly named after one of the most enigmatic, skilful and simply brilliant footballers on the planet.  With associations like this the song has much to live up to, which predictably it doesn't manage - but it gives it a good go with some riveting musicianship.   It isn't the first time that the band's playing impresses, but where they fail to match this is in the vocal department.  Regardless of this, FEWS are still an outfit worthy of attention from the indie crowd.

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