Review of Just Like You Album by Falling In Reverse

After the controversial 2013 album 'Fashionably Late' turned a lot of people away from Falling In Reverse, the band are back with their new album 'Just Like You', which sees them reverting back to the core of the music that made their name.

Falling In Reverse Just Like You Album

The band goes ahead with the unique sound they have carved for themselves despite the criticism for being far away from Ronnie Radke's first Escape the Fate record. Separating himself completely from his old band, 'Just Like You' combines both metallic heaviness with melodic vocals.

Falling In Reverse have never shied away from dealing with real life problems, often relating back to Ronnie Radke's personal life, and 'Just Like You' is no different.

Opening with 'Chemical Prisoner', this a track that heavily deals with grief and drug addiction, again referencing back to Radke's own experiences. This personal touch does seem to be overpowered by the chaotic vocals, but if you listen carefully enough to the lyrics, then you'll see just how clever this song is (for once).

'Sexy Drug' is the catchiest on the album but, if you're easily offended, then you should steer well clear. The lyrics have been deemed as sexist and derogatory, but if you're pretty open then the likelihood is you'll take the song lightly and find it laughable. 'Sexy Drug', along with 'Just Like You', are the type of songs that will have the fans dancing at a Falling In Reverse concert.

'God If You're Above' is the stand out of the album. The frantic fast pace of the song suits Radke's voice and shows that his vocals are more about character than skill and power. Radke is still not a great screamer, but the unique sound that his songs create when it sounds like he's struggling to keep up with music actually works.

'Brother' serves as the polar opposite on the album. Honest and heart wrenching, Radke sings about his brother Anthony who died in a car crash back in 2013. It's clear to see that Radke has put his heart and soul into this song, and that, combined with the soft piano melody, makes the song touching.

This isn't an album for everyone. If you're not a fan of Falling In Reverse then, chances are, you're not going to like the album. Falling in Reverse are never going to be Escape the Fate, and people need to remember that it is a completely different band. 'Just Like You' isn't going to appeal to the vast majority, but it's worth a shot.


Sophie Brannon

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