Review of Patriot Album by Cougar

Review of Cougar's album Patriot

Cougar Patriot Album

Cougar is an instrumental group all the way from Wisconsin, USA. The mention of instrumental groups can make listeners wary. Sure, there are some fantastic acts about who are creating excellent instrumental albums but there's also a few too many with very dubious offerings. Cougar are set to put out their new album 'Patriot' and hope that what they have to offer is music to all that hear this ears.

Patriot opens with 'Stay Famous' and straight away the energy hits your ears, rip roaring guitar chords and heavy drum beats colliding into each over only to change the tempo to almost parallel and then end the track with a sonic boom. 'Florida Logic' offers a bit more of an electro feel to it but the energy still remains. You can feel the energy of this album like you can sense a bad atmosphere when you are out in town with your mates.

Some of the tracks are exactly what they say on the tin. Take 'Thudersnow' for example, it shouldn't work at no doubt everything about it would be all over the place. Well you would be correct in thinking that everything is all over the shop, but that is what makes this one minute and fifty five second tune so catchy and intriguing

As writers of individual tracks Cougar seem to have a lot to offer but when listening to the album in one sitting your concentration might just wander. Cougar do present some brilliant riffs and each track seems to be full of energy and dynamic sounds, but at the same time you think how much improved some tracks would be with the addition of a vocalist.


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