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Sea Of Trouble

Cord Sea Of Trouble Single

If their website is to be believed, Norwich quartet may just have made the best album ever in the shape of soon-to-be-released "Other People's Lives Are Not As Perfect As They Seem". Name-checking Muse, Coldplay, QOTSA and Pink Floyd, they certainly talk a good game, meaning their imminent tour could be stunning.

With the brilliance of the band's listed above, "Sea Of Trouble" is actually disappointing in that it's a safe indie anthem. Written about a relationship in decline, it has a big chorus and gorgeous strings. not too unlike their last single, though not quite as brilliant.
Speaking of which, the piano version of "Winter" is a welcome inclusion and together they show that C/O/R/D are a talented band. They don't yet inspire like Matt Bellamy or Josh Homme, but they're far from bad.

Alex Lai

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