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Cord Winter Single

Having been at the centre of much record company attention, Norwich quartet Cord signed to Island Records, the home of Brit soft-rockers Keane. Championed by DJ Steve Lamacq, they're heading on an extensive tour over the summer, including a support slot with ex-Blink 182 man Tom Delonge's new group Angels And Airwaves.

The opening moments of "Winter" announce Cord to be of the same school of sound as Tom Chaplin's aforementioned band, which means they are the latest to act to try their hand at an already saturated market. But fair play to them, because in this song they have an outstanding tune that is as grand as anything Coldplay have released. The chorus is huge and irresistible, and James Leeds' vocals are awash with sentiment, speaking honestly for anyone who has ever been heartbroken. This deserves to be the next big indie anthem.

Alex Lai

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