Review of Bildungsroman EP by Colours

The spacey and atmospheric opening seconds of 'Playground' almost give the impression of a laid back, Kind Of Blue era Miles Davis-esque jazz soundscape before the bass, drums and guitars of a typical indie band plunge in. Throughout the track the accompaniment and melody then move together, with the melody struggling to go beyond the range of a few notes and Colours offering little variation between verse and chorus unfortunately quashing any hope of a varied jazz-indie fusion sound. Led by the bass melody, 'Meet Me There' opens more determined but then unfortunately continues in much the same vein as the EPs opening track, with whiney, monotonous vocals and practically inaudible lyrics. Without the vocals, Colours are a tight enough band and bring to mind sounds of the likes of James, even the rougher indie edge of The Vaccines; it's just unfortunate that their sound has yet to be refined.

The introduction to 'You Never Know' sounds the band having notched up another level of determination. With its' charging guitars and drums, and guitar based alternative rock feel, the track initially brings to mind a bigger sound from a band such as Coldplay; unfortunately, however, Colours are again let down by the vocals that are barely audible within the mix and therefore their lack of strong melody. The EPs concluding track, 'Memory Lapse' also plods forwards with the same frustrating indifference, like filler on a hurried album, leaving the listener initially feeling let down from start to finish. With perseverance the EP gradually becomes a grower, but whether enough will give Colours a second chance is debatable; disappointing.

Colours Bildungsroman EP

Hannah Spencer