Halleluiah, at last something life changing has come along in music in the shape of CODA, an instrumental band that sits somewhere between Arcade Fire and that minimalist composer from the 1970s with the dodgy specks as far as innovation goes.

CODA have annihilated what we thought we knew about modern music with epic instrumentations that literally leave no room for vocals. Their arrangements span into the core of each song allowing the actual music to speak for itself without slapping some empty harmonies over the top to make it more commercial. They have put together a menacing live show based on their playing abilities alone and if vocals were added it would obscure what's already been referred to as a 'new look at music'.

With 'Don't Expect Anything', the band, led by Craig Hawkes, have fused a little of Sigur Ros with some contemporary indie guitar sounds to form the bases for this vast driving anthem that boils throughout its six and a half minute binge into a blistered climax of layered strings and animated lead riffs. It's left to the guitars themselves to pack a void where lyrics would normally sit, thumping around all over the tune as they do throughout the entire live performance. This track, like 'Believe In Something' and 'For Alex' is stunning and melts into the live set list fluidly and faultlessly, bravely presenting their sound as glorious and creative.

Like most people, I was a little weary of an entire show based around these principals and expected the novelty to wear off after a few songs. What I found however was that my fascination and involvement grew as the experience developed, capturing me with an avalanche of sound and smoke which rained down as equally as mystifying bass lines drowned in the background of 'Whispers'.

You can easily get lost in CODAs music and its surpassing beauty is catching from the offset. If you hear their compositions and think they're in anyway lacking a vocal track however, I plainly have to ask you where you'd put it as the entire blueprint of their work is so masterfully positioned with every potential angle complete and neatly tuned leaving a remarkable body of sound that marshals in a new era of modern-classic music.

Expect to hear some things you never thought possible with these guys and expect to be ensnared by their live performance in a way you've never been held before.

By Alex lee Thomson

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