Review of How to Build a Maze Album by Cocoanut Groove

Swedish pop group Cocoanut Groove have released their second LP 'How to Build a Maze' to welcoming reviews and it's easy to see why.  Though the band is still very much an underground sensation, this album could may change that should they want it to. Channelling the sounds of The Strokes and The Zombies, Cocoanut Groove have produced a fantastic album.  Every track holds something different but the one constant thing is the beautifully soft voice of lead singer Olov Antonsson which has got to be one of the most easy listening voices in music.

Cocoanut Groove How to Build a Maze Album

The record begins with a short prelude before diving into the title track which doesn't sound too dissimilar to The La's; the same could be said for 'The High Coast'. 'Fair Weather Friend' and 'A Secret Tune' provide a brilliant acoustic feel to the album and, together with meaningful lyrics, these tracks are the perfect way to wind down.  Both less than three minutes long but magical nonetheless, 'A Secret Tune' contains unexpected surprises.

The stand-out tracks on this record are the popular tune 'Colours' and 'North Country Summer'.  Both are edgy and very catchy, and are bound to be the ones you'll skip to next time you listen to the album. They are instantly engaging with intros that grab you from the first few notes.  

'On a Monday Morning', 'Seven Flowers' and 'Afternoons' are soft, folk-driven tracks where Antonsson's voice is in its element. Ending with the fiery and Spanish-esque 'Night Walk', this album will be one you'll want to listen to over and over again.

Cocoanut Groove are certainly a band that have their inspirations and these inspirations can clearly be heard throughout the album, but Cocoanut Groove still have their own sound.  Percussion, organ and trumpet are added in and arranged so well, it's clear that this is an album they are extremely proud of and is definitely one that should be listened to, and listened to more than once.

Alice Barker


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