Review of Gold Into Dreams Album by Black Light White Light

Black Light White Light is a Scandinavian outfit fronted by Martin Ejlertsen, who is joined by siblings Adam and Tobias Winberg.  Formed in 2009, their debut album 'Infrared Light' was released two years later and saw the band spend a couple of years on the road.  This follow up sees them collaborate with Grammy-winning Emily Lazar, while Chris 'Frenchie' Smith helms production duty.

Black Light White Light Gold Into Dreams Album

As acknowledged on their own site biography, BLWL have a fondness for the mid-nineties British guitar bands who leaned toward psychedelic - and it is evident from the off on 'High Like A Hurricane'.  Putting the questionable simile aside, it is a solid opener that neither engages nor disowns the audience.  'Sex And Fury' fails to characterise either word and is reminiscent of Kula Shaker's output. It is a testing listen at over six minutes duration and isn't the last time that judgement on run time can be questioned - 'We See The Light' and 'Running' also have epic run times with far from epic results.  'Revolutionary Sound Squad' brings some life to proceedings with spritely melodies and an upturn in energy, while 'Song For Astrid' shows off a more subtle approach that should have been explored on more occasions given the pleasing outcome.  Too regularly though, the songs plod along with little inspiration and no reason for repeated listens.  Perhaps 20 years ago when psychedelic indie was in fashion, BLWL may have gathered a reasonable following, but on this evidence a mainstream breakthrough will elude them regardless of the era and what is popular.


Alex Lai

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