June 11 - 2012


Album of the Week... Dom Gourlay reviews the debut album from Two Wounded Birds, the Margate four piece that are slowly winning over audiences with their strong song-writing skills. Released on Holiday Friends Recording Company (run by Jacob Graham of The Drums), the album contains twelve songs, which ably demonstrate all of the strings that Two Wounded Birds have to their bow. Bringing to mind such disparate artists as Roy Orbison, The Barracudas and The Cramps, our reviewer surmises "It's all about the songs, see, and as they demonstrate so effortlessly from beginning to end of their self-titled debut, Two Wounded Birds have a knack of being able to churn them out by the bucket load."

Interview... Contact chats to The Tallest Man on Earth - aka Kristian Matsson.

'The Tallest Man On Earth 2012 promo shot

He's a former member of Montezumas and, at 5 foot 7, he's far from the tallest man on earth. In this intimate chat he reveals the process behind the recording of his third album 'There's No Leaving Now,' which was set to permanence in his home town of Dalarna, Sweden. "I was in a really beautiful place and I had wonderful people around me that I love. At this point in my life, not just career-wise either, I feel that I was in the best place I'd ever been. But this gave me the platform to just deal with all the anxieties and fears I'd concealed before and make an album that was really personal and ended up much darker as a result."

The Week in Video... High camp isn't exactly new territory for Scissor Sisters but they take things to the extreme here in the video for 'Baby Come Home.' Within the space of three minutes, we're treated to the sight of Jake Shears and co. dressed as nuns, sailors and rowers and a bizarre animation of cuddling bunny rabbits.' It surely can't get much more camp than that.? Musically, they are in solid '70s revival disco territory, here.

The 22 year-old Australian songwriter, Lisa Mitchell, returns with 'Spiritus.'

'Lisa Mitchell 2012 promo shot

With a backing track that wouldn't sound out of place on a Vampire Weekend record, Mitchell capitalises on the upbeat rhythms, trilling atop them in a distinctly summery and psychedelic video.

Music news... Radiohead proved to be one of the stand-out acts at Bonnaroo Festival in Tennessee this weekend and they even hinted at the possibility of a future collaboration with Jack White. Singer Thom Yorke introduced one song by saying "This song is for Jack White, we saw him yesterday. A big thank you to him, but we can't tell you why. You'll find out."

Rihanna's arrival in the UK has been delayed. Originally, it seemed that her entire 10 week trip to Blighty had been knocked on the head. However, Rihanna has told fans that she's simply pushed the trip back by a couple of weeks so that she can spend some time with her family. The organisers of Wireless Festival, where she is scheduled to perform this summer, were also keen to stress that she has not cancelled her appearance.

Dan Deacon has announced the release of a new album on Domino Records. 27th August will be the birth date for 'America,' which is described as "the culmination of years spent playing both DIY venues and concert halls across the world, of exercises in the power of the individual and a coordinated mass, of a disenfranchised mind questioning notions of cultural identity and values."