Mushroomhead Announce New Album

Mushroomhead Announce New Album

Cleveland, Ohio 1993 and so began an incredible journey. Seventeen years and three 'Behind the Music's' worth of good and bad experiences, Mushroomhead is poised to release their Juggernaut Creation - "Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children". Drummer and producer Steve "Skinny" Felton states 'BSFU is truly a vice for everyone, the widest range of emotions ever recorded by MRH! Musicians today are half psychotic, half glutton for punishment. Mushroomhead has persevered through things that would have ended much weaker entities. Yet these things are taken in our determined stride, as par for the course. These truths shine through on Beautiful Stories For Ugly Children!"

Mushroomhead began performing incognito to prevent any preconceived ideas of what the band was about. After a short time, a rabid loyal following catapulted MRH to must see status and their DIY determination made them impossible to ignore. After a string of self releases; Mushroomhead (1995), Superbuick (1996) and M3 (1999), the Industry came to call. Eclipse Records released a compilation cd XX before Universal Records remixed and re released XX (2001) and XIII (2003). The band and label amicably split shortly after. Savior Sorrow 2006 saw the band join forces with label Megaforce Records which will now together release, Beautiful Stories For Ugly Children, called by all parties involved the best work by Mushroomhead to date.

1. Come On - An anthem for the pushed too far, If you have to ask yourself the question. you should walk away!

2. Inspiration - Truth or Lies? What we subscribe to in our everyday life. You can be moved by things and still not be imprisoned by them.

3. Slaughterhouse Road - Enough is enough, f**k 2 faced people masquerading as friends. F**k propaganda, sugar coating the true horrors of war and society in general.

4. I'll Be Here - Living your life instead of watching it go by. It can be over in a blink of an eye. Wake the f**k up!

5. Burn the Bridge - No one owns you, why let anyone try to control you. The view walking in can be so amazing.

6. Holes In The Void - We paint a pretty picture and then we can't wait to destroy that beauty. Drop the brush and grab the razor.

7. Harvest The Garden - It's time to party with the gods, why not smile at the end of the world?

8. The Harm You Do - Life is about change, whether or not someone ends up hurt is irrelevant, in the race for the door.

9. Your Demise - Dictators, Tyrants, Kings and yes even Presidents! No we're not an endless supply of pawns, We're people. Flesh and blood.

10. The Feel - Life, Ahhhh the Glorious free fall. You can make a change, if you put

aside the sedation once in a while. oh that, that's pain.

11. Darker Days - With each passing day, the value we place on human life is defaced. Violence, homicides. That 15 minutes of fame is everything.

12. Do I Know You - How well do you really know anyone? Wolves in sheep's .clothing. Idols raping, killing. Can we survive?