Rockers Muse paid tribute to their heroes Queen by employing dwarves to carry trays of suspicious-looking white powder at a concert afterparty on Sunday night (26May13).

According to undisputed myth, the late Freddie Mercury's handlers hired little people to hand out cocaine at debauched parties during the height of his band's success, and Muse stunned guests with a similar stunt.

The band played a packed show at the Emirates Stadium in London on Sunday before heading to an afterparty at the city's A-list club Cirque Le Soir.

They shocked onlookers with their Queen-style butlers - but the dwarves were only carrying trays full of harmless sherbet for the prank, dreamed up by Muse drummer Dominic Howard.

A source tells Wenn, "It was hilarious. Dom is best friends with Roger Taylor, who comes to all of their gigs. And he knows Roger is sick of being asked about the stories about Queen snorting coke from bald dwarves heads and making them carry coke around on silver platters, so they thought it would be funny to send dwarves around carrying lines of sherbet on trays."