Muse's new album, 'The 2nd Law', is influenced by dubstep.

The 'Uprising' hitmakers have unveiled a teaser trailer for their forthcoming sixth record, which suggests a surprising new musical direction.

The clip contains a montage of news footage set to a track that has similarities to the band's previous work, before transforming into a bas heavy dubstep break.

The trailer ends with the music fading out and a release announcement, reading ''New Album. The 2nd Law. September 2012'', appearing on screen.

The group's bassist Chris Wolstenholme previously promised that the follow up to 2009's 'The Resistance' would be ''something radically different,'' while frontman Matt Bellamy joked about having dubstep influences on the record.

Announcing they were to start recording in November, he tweeted: ''About to start some recording tomorrow. What musical direction shall we go in?''

He then jokingly added: ''Ok, will start on Christian gangsta rap jazz odyssey, some ambient rebellious dubstep and face melting metal flamenco cowboy psychedelia (sic).''