The hip-hop veteran, real name Nick Carter, and his wife Kate adopted a second son, named Eddie, in 2013, but had to return him to the foster care system last year (14) after discovering a social worker had misled the couple about the youngster's past.

He tells problems became apparent when the teen started filing false claims of neglect and abuse against the rapper and his wife.

Murs explains, "Nothing was substantiated. We definitely were able to clear it up once we went to court and they came to the house and also saw the damage he did to my property, and they quickly changed their tune."

The nightmare has prompted the rap star to call for changes to the adoption system, adding, "The (focus) shouldn't be on the parents to prove they're worthy; it should be on the teens... We got painted this picture that he was a great kid and all these things, but the social worker that told us these things thought that because she'd only been working with him two months, and every six months he's had a different case worker.

"He got adopted once and sent back, and they painted a negative picture of that family. When we reached out to that family, they experience (sic) the same negative, poor behaviour that we were experiencing. If we were allowed to talk to them prior, if their full paperwork was in his dossier then we would have known not to adopt this kid.

"They (social workers) hide that because the social workers think that they are doing the kid a favour by not telling the whole truth, so that someone adopts them, but they put my wife in danger because I travel. If I would have known he was violent and things of that nature I would not have left my wife alone with this child."

Despite the strain the process has put on Murs' marriage, the rapper and his wife are still helping the teenager out.

He adds, "(My wife) has to go to court cases and placement meetings because we're still trying to make sure he has the best care - so we're present at all of the meeting concerning his future to this point...

"I've told him multiple times, 'I'm pulling for you, I'm praying for you. You have a lot to do and I don't wish you any ill will but you've gotta get it together'. Even though he filed a false claim on us, I know he's just angry, I tell him, 'When you hit rock bottom, I'm there for you so call me'."