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Candice Bergen Reunites With Murphy Brown Cast

Candice Bergen Murphy Brown CBS

Veteran actress Candice Bergen reunited with the cast of her hit sitcom Murphy Brown on U.S. TV on Friday (20Apr12) to reminisce about the show, 14 years after it went off air.

Bergen, who starred as the title character - a famous investigative reporter and news anchor for fictional TV news programme Fyi, met up with her former co-stars Faith Ford, Charles Kimbrough, Grant Shaud and Joe Regalbuto and series creator Diane English days after they reconvened for the TV Land Awards last weekend (14Apr12) for a Good Morning America special about their 10 years together.

English recalled how CBS network bosses tried to convince her actress Heather Locklear was better suited for the lead role, but she stood her ground and fought for Bergen - and she's glad she did, because the show went on to win multiple Golden Globe and Emmy Awards from the moment it launched in 1988.

English said, "There was not a character like her (Bergen) in television comedy until she came along."

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Eddie Murphy Has Been Teetotal For 18 Years

Eddie Murphy Mel B Murphy Brown NICOLE MITCHELL Shrek Tracey Edmonds

Eddie Murphy hasn't touched alcohol in 18 years.

The 'Shrek' star revealed he can no longer drink because it makes him sick and the last time he was hungover was after he consumed three glasses of champagne on his honeymoon following his marriage to now ex-wife NICOLE MITCHELL in 1993.

He said: "The last time I got drunk was ... on my honeymoon, maybe 18 years ago. And that was the second time I got drunk and it was the last time. I was just thinking, you know, it's all good, I only had three glasses of champagne. It don't take a lot ... I was feeling great for about five minutes, thinking this is a wonderful honeymoon."

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Candice Bergen Suffers Stroke

Boston Legal Candice Bergen Murphy Brown

Boston Legal star Candice Bergen has been released from hospital and is recovering from an apparent stroke, according to media reports in the US.
The blonde actress reportedly received prompt treatment when she fell ill and avoided lingering damage.
According to veteran Hollywood columnist JANET CHARLTON, the 60-year-old Bergen is expected to make a full recovery.
Hospital employees claim the former Murphy Brown star was in good spirits and say she was a "delightful and humorous" patient during her hospital stay.

Tv Star Corley Dies At 76

Murphy Brown

Veteran TV actor PAT CORLEY has died of congestive heart failure at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. He was 76.
Corley is best known as bartender PHIL on TV sitcom Murphy Brown.
The burly Texan also enjoyed successes on Broadway, New York and appeared in TV shows like HILL STREET BLUES and MAGNUM P.I.
His movie career included roles in TRUE CONFESSIONS and AGAINST ALL ODDS.

Actor McGavin Dies

Darren McGavin Lee Strasberg The Night Stalker Candice Bergen Murphy Brown Kathie Browne

US actor Darren McGavin died of natural causes at a Los Angeles hospital yesterday (25FEB06). He was 83.

Washington DC-born McGavin studied at Lee Strasberg's famous Actors Studio before kicking off his career on Broadway and on screen.

McGavin was famed for his roles in television shows RIVERBOAT and KOLCHAK: The Night Stalker, and won an Emmy award in 1990 for his appearance as Candice Bergen's father in an episode of Murphy Brown.

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Devito Is Tv's Baddest Boss

Burns The Simpsons Paul McCrane David Clennon Candice Bergen Murphy Brown

DANNY DeVITO's curmudgeonly character on sitcom TAXI has topped a new list of bad TV bosses.

DeVito's testy taxi dispatcher LOUIE DE PALMA beat out cartoon boss MR Burns from The Simpsons and ER's arrogant DR PAUL ROMANO (Paul McCrane) in the new INSIDE TV magazine poll in the US.

Also on the list were manipulative MILES DRENTELL (David Clennon) from THIRTYSOMETHING and Candice Bergen's impossible newswoman Murphy Brown.

22/04/2005 02:56

Candice Goes Legal In New Tv Drama

Candice Bergen David E Kelley Boston Legal Murphy Brown William Shatner James Spader

Actress Candice Bergen is set to return to the small screen as a lawyer in David E Kelley's THE PRACTICE spin-off Boston Legal.

The CARNAL KNOWLEDGE star, whose stint in sitcom Murphy Brown earned her many accolades, will play a partner of a law firm on the legal-themed show, according to trade paper HOLLYWOOD REPORTER.

The new legal drama currently stars William Shatner and James Spader.

01/12/2004 09:36

Coroners Investigate Actor's Death

Murphy Brown Be Cool

Los Angeles coroners are investigating the death of actor ROBERT PASTORELLI, after the former boxer was found dead at his Hollywood home on Monday (08MAR04).

Investigators feel sure the DANCES WITH WOLVES star's passing was an accident - but they're not ruling out a drug-related death.

Pastorelli, 49, was discovered dead in his bathroom on Monday afternoon.

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