Mumford & Sons are ''big fans'' of Idris Elba.

The 'Little Lion Man' musicians worked with the 'Prometheus' actor on their 2012 video 'Lover of the Light', which he directed and starred in as a blind man who runs free, and were thrilled at the opportunity to join forces with someone they admire.

Talking to Absolute Radio's Pete Donaldson, frontman Marcus Mumford said: ''We're just big fans of his really and had an idea for him to be in a music video and then he said he wanted to direct it, so we talked about the creative idea for it and he really took it on and wrote it with a mate of his.''

While they enjoy recording new material and working hard on their music, the band - also comprised of Ben Lovett, Country Winston Marshall and Ted Dwane - admit they have ''never been ambitious'' when it comes to record sales as they'd rather sell more concert tickets and put on a memorable show for fans.

Marcus added: ''We've never been ambitious to be big and we've also never wanted to be small necessarily. We've asked our manager just not to keep us up to date on records.

''We know about ticket sales pretty well, because that's what we sort of know and love, record sales aren't really that relevant to us.''

Highlights of the Mumford & Sons session and interview can be heard on 25 April from 9pm on Absolute Radio.