Review of Sincerely Yours 1/5 EP Single by Mum

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4. Mum "Sincerely Yours 1/5 EP" (12" - Klein)
Austria's Paul Schneider and Stefan Jungmair aka Mum kick off the first in a series of five, impressively packaged and limited 12"s to be released on Klein Records. The series is an introduction to the follow up debut label compilation album. The opener "Adlib" has lots of electro squelches and Asian percussion which add some interest but the track still unfortunately manages to sound a tad dated and just a touch too retro acid jazz.

Next up are three remixes of "Miss Defied". Baby Mammoth pulls things back up the popularity stakes by increasing the emphasis on danceworthy percussion and including some super sultry keyboards.

Other remixes come courtesy of Dzihan & Kamien, who give us a laidback house vibe with electro injections, twiddled violins and generous harps and Senior Piccolino speeds things up to drum and bass tempo whilst twisting the original senario into something altogether too haywire. Not bad but we've all heard the saying about "books" and "covers".