Review of Township Funk Single by Mujava

Single review of Township Funk by Mujava.)

Mujava Township Funk Single

Now every now and again there is a dance tune that just captures everyone. It rises from the underground system and laps up all the attention. It will be played in every club around the country to get the crowed going. 'Mujava' has that jewel in the shape of 'Township Funk'

'Township Funk is what is known as African dance music and yes it does have a part of the track that is infectious, but as a whole it really is not that great and in reality you could say that it is well a tad repetitive. AND while people read this thinking that this guy hasn't goy a clue what he is talking about and maybe you are correct or not, but really this tune is boring.

Maybe in the dance scene this is quality but for me I guess the whole thing is just flying over my head wooosssshhhh!!!!!

Mark Moore