Sporting legend Muhammad Ali will sensationally have a rumble in the jungle with his daughter.

Sporting manufacturer ADIDAS are behind the recreation - taking six months to super impose Ali's daughter Laila Ali into his infamous fight with SONNY LISTON - as the father and daughter team are seen sparring.

The advert is part of a new "Impossible is nothing" campaign by Adidas which includes top athletes from around the world.

Soccer stars ZINEDINE ZIDANE and David Beckham, world record swimmer IAN THORPE, sprinter Maurice Greene, running legend HAILE GEBRSELASSIE and basketball player Tracy McGrady appear to be 'training' with the boxing legend in Zaire back in 1974.

Beckham says, "It's a real honour for me to appear in an advert with the greatest sportsman in the world."

02/03/2004 17:43