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Mudcrutch Mudcrutch Album

Mudcrutch was the name of the band that Tom Petty (and Mike Campbell and Benmont Tench) departed from in 1970 to go onto solo and Heartbreakers success. The band didn't record a debut record so now 38 years on we finally get the release after reuniting some 38 years later. I'm not one to underrate Tom Petty's side-projects, as the Traveling Wilburys proved. However, this is for Petty enthusiast only - Mudcrutch is a sound tinged with a littlee more Country than you might be used to from Petty mixed with a bit of rock and roll and a few too many mediocre songs that would've had trouble finding anything unique in the 1970's.

The album does have a few saving graces, one being the cover of The Byrds song 'Lover of the Bayou'. Other highlights include Scare Easy and Bootleg Flyer, seemingly a little sparse in content, some songs seem like easy retreads of a country bar band's set list.

It would be fantastic to see Tom Petty show true inspiration again, but guitarist Tom Leadon (brother of The Eagles' Bernie) and drummer Randall Marsh have managed to help Petty achieve a sense of closure, more than something more exciting and original. Another Tom Petty album, another letdown - here's hoping that there's one more great one in him.


Mike Rea

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