We’re sure that a few of you were once told that there was something hiding in your wood shed. The tale was normally told by a particular mean older sibling who was trying to scare you, and it usually turned out to be rubbish. However, for once there actually was something hiding in the shed when police came calling at an abode in Summersville, West Virginia – Buckwild star Salwa Amin!

TMZ reports that the star’s property was under suspicion by police because they’d got wind that the it was expecting it to receive a large drug shipment. When they arrived, officials were startled to find that Amin, Shawn L Booker and Jason D Jones – who owns the house – were cowering away in the shed. Police had become suspicious of the property after noticing that it had received a great deal of visitors, none of whom stopped for very long. They subsequently obtained a search warrant and raided the house.

They were vindicated as well; in addition to the frightened MTV reality star and her two cohorts, they also discovered three bags of heroin in the shed. You’d think they’d have been sensible and made more effort to hide the actual drugs rather than bother hiding themselves.