The Teen Mom star’s DUI won’t do her public image any good. Farrah Abraham, now aged 21, was pulled over by cops in Omaha just after 1am on Tuesday morning and was determined to be driving under the influence. Not a great look for anybody but certainly not for a single mom. TMZ report that the star of the MTV reality TV show turned wide round a corner and almost hit a police cruiser in the process. If that’s not a sure-fired way of getting yourself pulled over, we don’t know what is.

When she was breathalysed, Farrah showed up as having almost twice the legal blood alcohol level in her system in the state. She registered at .147, meaning that cops had no option but to arrest her. Luckily, her four year-old daughter Sophia was not in the car at the time of her arrest. It remains to be seen what punishment will be doled out to her for this irresponsible move.

Farrah first starred on the Teen Mom series back in 2009. The father of her daughter Sophia (Derek Underwood) was killed in a car accident in 2008, just two months before Sophia was born. Derek’s parents questioned his paternity of Sophia, which Farrah had to go to lengths to prove. She has also had a troubling time with her own parents, after her mother Debra was charged with assault for hitting Farrah. Last year, Farrah published her autobiography My Teenage Dream Ended.