Jersey Shore star Pauly D has admitted that it will be an upsetting time when the hugely popular reality show wraps up its final season. Speaking to MTV - the network that made him a star - Pauly said of the decision to axe the show, "Everybody teared up, production teared up, we teared up, we couldn't believe it, I can't picture not going back to Seaside for the summertime. I feel like it's home".

It looks as though cast and crew of the show are preparing the best season yet as a thank you to fans, with the DJ saying, "I'm excited.It was probably one of my favorite seasons to film. It was so cool because a lot of things are different now, with Snooki being pregnant, Mike (Sorrentino) just getting out of rehab, but how we deal with that and how we all come together as a family, that was the best part about it". The return of "The Situation" has been a huge blessing for the crew, with the star replenished after a widely reported stint in rehabilitation for drug and alcohol issues. Pauly added, "I feel like we lost Mike throughout the years and we got him back this season".

There had been some speculation that Nicole Polizzi's pregnancy would affect the partying in the Jersey Shore house, though Pauly D said, "As much as we try to stay away from it. I mean I stay away from it.But there's always drama with us for some reason".