The MTV Video Music Awards are shifting slightly to accommodate a political broadcast, reports The Press Association. The show would have clashed with an important speech from President Obama.

The two most important things in America - politics and pop stars - can now be enjoyed in one evening thanks to Mtv's decision to move their award ceremony an hour earlier, so as not to conflict with Obama's important speech. The 49th president of The United States will officially accept the Democratic nomination for another term as president. It's a formality in American Politics, but given the increased call for young people to vote in America, staging one of the most popular awards ceremonies simultaneously would likely have seen it suffer in terms of viewing figures.

Given Obama's reliance on cultural icons such as Jay Z and Beyonce (the likes of which could potentially attend either event) the President might be hoping some of his key stars choose to support him rather than enjoy a glamorous evening with the stars. As of yet, no public decisions have been made as to where the Obama-supporting celebs will end up.

The Mtv Music Awards will now run from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m - Eastern Time. The president is scheduled to speak from the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., after 10 p.m. Mtv's viewing figures often reach their peaks for the awards, with last years show garnering viewing figures of 12.4m, which are likely to be Mtv's biggest ever. 2011's show featured the announcement of Beyoncé's pregnancy, and the network usually uses the ceremony to announce news of their own; normally some new programming, but that won't happen this year. The host for 2012's awards will be Kevin Hart; the American actor and comedian will return to the Scary Movie franchise as CJ, when it's 5th incarnation hits screens in 2013, imaginatively named Scary Movie 5.