In bad news for Summit Entertainment, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson will no longer make a joint presentation at the MTV Music Awards next month. It has been revealed that the pair were meant to take to the stage as 'surprise guests' (partly promoting the forthcoming Twilight movie) though Stewart has pulled out, reports Yahoo News.
Kristen Stewart failed to give a reason for pulling out, though she probably didn't need to, given what's happened over the past couple of weeks - the music award's stage perhaps not being the best place for a reunion. Robert Pattinson is slowly making his way back into the public eye, and made a couple of high profile appearances this week, firstly chowing down on ice-cream with 'The Daily Show' host Jon Stewart After the comedian jokingly asked him what he'd been up to, Rob replied, "I had a joke prepared. God damn it. I was all set up and ready to go. Now it is meaningless", before following up with, "My biggest problem in life is I'm cheap. I didn't hire a publicist in every awkward interview, most actors have things scripted. I'm going to hire a publicist". Whether Pattinson attends the Mtv Movie Awards - scheduled for September 6, 2012 - is yet to be confirmed, though the 'Twilight' bosses are likely to want at least one of their lead stars to turn up.
There has been conflicting reports this week as to the future of Stewart in the planned 'Snow White and the Huntsman' franchise. Before the cheating scandal, she had agreed to appear in a sequel, though Universal Pictures have instead decided to press on with a spin-off featuring Chris Hemsworth's Huntsman character, according to the Hollywood Reporter. It is understood that Stewart will still be offered a part in the movie.