Jersey Shore star Deena Cortese has been fined $106 for allegedly dancing in the street and interfering with moving traffic, while shooting the sixth season of the MTV hit series. According to the Associated Press, Cortese was arrested on June 10, 2012, for not using the sidewalk, despite one being clearly provided.

The reality star attended municipal court on Tuesday, where prosecutor Kim Pascarella said that they didn’t have enough evidence to prove the charge against Cortese. Resultantly, she left without a criminal conviction but was ordered to pay a $106 fine as well as $33 in court costs. Judge Dan Sahin reminded the petit star that police officers should be left to tend to more pressing matters in the future, to which Cortese replied, “I’m sorry if I caused any trouble”. Her lawyer Michael Pappa said she appeared to have been drinking before the incident, but was very sorry for her behavior, saying, “Deena was in the middle of the road…Traffic was at a standstill because of summer congestion. She knew she made a mistake and regrets what she did”.

It’s not the first time a member of the Jersey Shore cast has gotten in trouble with the law. In the third season of the show Nicole Polizzi – who is now pregnant with her first child – was arrested for disorderly conduct. Ronnie Ortiz Magro faced assault charges for a brawl during season one.