Even after giving birth at 16, lesbian photos, partying in her underwear and a boob job, Farrah Abraham’s mum refuses to believe her daughter has been involved in a sex tape.

The general consensus, though, is that she is in a sex tape, James Deen is the sex tape partner, and the footage is being shopped around to the highest bidder. “Word travels fast ... it isn't even edited yet. We shot it yesterday,” says Deen, a professional porn star who was seen holding hands yesterday. He made clear their situation though. “Definitely not dating,” he maintained. “Got tested together on Friday and then saw her on set. That is my only experience with the lady.” Abraham shot four seasons of Teen Mom with MTV before getting herself a ‘bad girl’ reputation recently. But her mum still refuses to believe the sex tape exists. "My daughter has never expressed interest in things like that. She was not brought up that way," Debra Danielsen tells TMZ of her teen-mom daughter. "We have religious beliefs."

Farrah AbrahamFarrah Abraham before the sex tape days

Anyway, she might be forced to believe it pretty soon, as the tape is being shopped around to various suitors (porn sites). The head-honcho at Vivid, Steve Hirsch, reckons the tape will do well. "It's amazing ... and I'm doing everything in my power to get the rights to put it out," he says.