MTV have now become more famous for their 'reality' TV than their music programming, and have often stepped into controversy due to the material on those real-life shows. Their latest, Buckwild, was accused of generalising West-Virginia and the people that live there, but the show's stars disagree. 

Shae, or, "The Spicy Southern Bell" on the show, said to Access Hollywood, "There's no way nine individuals can represent the state of West Virginia," referencing Senator Manchin's comments. "That's just silly," she continued, before Shain, or, "Gandee Candy" explained that being in New York was a far cry from the country life he's used to. "This is the first time I've ever been to New York, first time I've ever been on a plane," he said. "The plane ride was pretty awesome. The car ride afterwards was scarier than the plane ride!" Senator Joe Manchin's comments called the a show a "travesty" and claimed it, "plays to ugly, inaccurate stereotypes about the people of West Virginia."

"We know that showing unique slices of youth culture on MTV is something that resonates with our audience," said David Janollari, head of MTV programming in a press release. "With Buckwild, we'll give our viewers a singular and fun glimpse at this generation's experience as we go into Appalachia to capture the lives of a loveable group of dynamic young people."