Review of Keep Your Teeth Sharp EP by Mr Fogg

Mr Fogg makes contradicting music, the beats are heavy but the vocals and lyrics are clean. With the assistance of producer Valgeir Sigurdsson, Keep Your Teeth Sharp presents itself as a tame beast, opening with a grimy electro beat that reverberates around your ears like a power drill. It's all quite gloomy and baron until Mr Fogg himself bursts onto the scene with a Mr Hudson like vocal that lets you know you're in safe territory.

Keep Your Teeth Sharp is in stark contrast to Whispers which shoots out of the blocks with a two step beat and a lullaby like backing. It's like its nicer twin brother, sharing similar characteristics but a little less rough around the edges. Keep Your Distance on the other hand is like the cousin you never want to see, bland in the extreme it offers little in terms of excitement via its 1:21 piano plod.

Mr Fogg Keep Your Teeth Sharp EP

The E.P is finished off with a remix of the title track, this time the beats are kept at bay while strings and pianos take centre stage. They work well, bringing out the songs charm and highlighting its ballad esque qualities.

With a debut album on the way, Mr Fogg may be a name that we hear of more often, with mainstream vocals and catchy melodies, he possesses a contemporary sound that's bound to sell.

Sam Marland

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