Review of Are These Actual Miles? Single by Mr Bones and The Dreamers

Review of Mr Bones and The Dreamers' single 'Are These Actual Miles?'

Mr Bones and The Dreamers Are These Actual Miles? Single

Less is more with pathos, generally speaking. As is the case with Mr Bones and the Dreamers, it can sound very overused. His voice is ok but in trying to give it too much gravitas, it sounds hammy and a bit clumsy. As a band, they clearly have some musical aspirations - which in itself is always a good thing - but have someway to go before they achieve them. Its Americana feel is weighed down with many instruments, but they rarely complement each other. Similarly, lyrically speaking, 'Are These Actual Miles?' is not as clever as it thinks it is. Nor is 'Lend me a looking glass', which strays from morose self-flagellation into a half-hearted jig. All in all, it's below par and with so many bands doing this kind of thing better, Mr Bones and The Dreamers simply don't cut the mustard.

Natalie Kaye

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