Witchblade Movie Review

In the grand tradition of fabulous movies like The Relic and Wishmaster comes another movie about museum-ware gone wrong. Yancy Butler stars as a cop who encounters the Witchblade during a museum shootout, finding the strange bracelet/gauntlet/sword permanently welded to her forearm. The rest of the movie is a dichotomy: a bad comic book sci-fi/fantasy about the Witchblade's mysterious powers mixed in with an atrocious cop thriller involving a dead friend, a dead father, and a dead partner! Can this girl's luck get any worse? Throw in some low-grade Matrix-wannabe special effects and I likely need only say "Based on the comic book..." to make you run away from this movie, screaming.

Cast & Crew

Director :

Starring : , , , Eric 'Kaos' Etebari,


Witchblade Rating

" Terrible "

Rating: NR, 2000


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