Under Suspicion Movie Review

It's an interesting box drama, and given its huge stars -- Morgan Freeman and Gene Hackman -- it's amazing this is a "First on Max" thriller. Hackman plays a tax attorney in Puerto Rico who discovers a strangled girl's body on his morning run. He is brought in to answer "just a few questions," but soon it becomes clear he is the prime suspect. Or is he being framed? Is his gorgeous wife (Monica Belucci) involved? Maybe the cops?

The use of flashbacks is interesting and unique -- replaying scenes over and over with a different spin. And the film truly keeps you guessing, though it goes out of the way to make Hackman look guilty. But what's up with the nonsense ending?

A remake of the French film Garde à vue and based on the book Brainwash.

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Under Suspicion Rating

" OK "

Rating: R, 2000


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