Twin Falls Idaho Movie Review

The scene from Twin Falls Idaho that you won't forget is the fight between twins Blake and Francis. It's the most disturbing tangle of limbs since Greg "The Hammer" Valentine's patented Figure Four leg-lock in the World Wrestling Federation. Don't be fooled by this tasteless intro, however - the film moves much slower and with infinitely greater grace than the entire history of entertainment wrestling.

This dark, yet gentle love story is about the relationship between Blake and Francis Falls (Mark and Michael Polish), seen through the eyes of Penny (newcomer Michelle Hicks) the hooker. Written, starring, and directed by, The Polish brothers, Twin Falls Idaho captures a wealth of sadness and truth. The plot centers on Blake's struggle to reconcile his affection for Penny with an unshakable dedication to ailing brother Francis. Out of that turmoil comes the film's most poignant scene, as Francis desperately attempts to physically keep his brother from the one thing he knows he will never have - a woman.

Although at times I wasn't sure if Michelle Hicks' delivery stunk worse than the au naturale guy sitting in front of me, her debut wasn't a total loss. The Polish brothers easily overshadow her shortcomings with their sensationally organic performances. Patrick Bauchau (Penny's friend, doctor, and source of unusual insight) and Lesley Ann Warren (the twin's mother who agonizes over the shame of abandoning her sons) provide impressive support to the cast.

Twin Falls Idaho's victory comes in its complex definitions of happiness, independence, and identity. A rich soundtrack, script, and some well-placed comic relief will carry you through the slow pace, but make sure and ask for an extra shot of espresso before you take your seat.

Unlikely threesome.


Twin Falls Idaho Rating

" Good "

Rating: R, 1999


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