Treasure Island (1950) Movie Review

Yo ho ho and a bottle of old school Disney!

When you think of Long John Silver, Robert Newton immediately jumps to mind -- not just the winking scowl, but that crackling har har har mates! voice, too.

Pity then that the only reason this kid-friendly Island is truly memorable is Newton. The story is short and mishandled -- it takes 30 minutes to get our heroes on the boat in search of the famous buried treasure. Once Silver goads the crew to mutiny, the battle between old Captain Smollett (Basil Sydney) and the mutinous crew is reminiscent of your childhood cowboys & Indians battles. Worst is Bobby Driscoll's Jim Hawkins, an annoying brat that you wish would snuff it. I was rooting for Long John Silver!

But at 31, I'm a bit of a crusty old geezer. This is a movie for kids who want to ride along with Jim. They won't envy his hairdo, but they'll dig the fact that he gets to strap on a musket.

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Treasure Island (1950) Rating

" OK "

Rating: PG, 1950


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