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One of my favorite Gilliam films. Not a callous interpretation at all. Far from it. I guess some (many) people just don't relate to the film. And that's understandable, I suppose. I don't know why that always surprises me though. I was a total loner as a kid, like that kid. So for me the film is about profound loneliness... among other things. And yes, the film is "of the Grotesque." In "civilized" society, when people die, we remove all of their bodily fluids, sew their eyelids. mouth and other orifices shut, put make up on their faces to the point that they no longer resemble themselves, and then lay them out for 3 days in a box, in clothes they surely hated and would have never worn while living, and invite people to come stare at them (paying their "respects"). If you think about it, how is this really different from what Dell and Jeliza-Rose do with Noah? Jeliza-Rose is a kid who is processing the death of two parents - her mother's from the first five minutes of the film. She's also acting out the "part" of her mother Queen Gunhilda in her "relationship" with Dickens. Why is this so difficult or people to see?

3 years 4 months ago
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